GTI offers proactive managed IT services and break-fix outsourcing for Orange County organizations. We provide reliable 24 hours a day on call technology service & monitoring. You can count on GTIs’ security against breaches, hackers, mother nature, and more. When technology systems are the pulse of business operations, downtime simply cannot be afforded. Organizations need to ensure they are always running at optimal performance and uptime. As a client, not only do you become part of the family, but your best interests are always at the forefront of our care.

In addition, we can also help meet government regulations including CMMC and multiple industry compliance solutions. Defending and protecting an organization’s critical information and systems are an ongoing process. However, rest assured that we do all the lifting, so you can focus on core business matters.

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IT Service Provider Orange County, California

SMB and Healthcare Managed IT Services

If you need to maintain peak operations for an SMB or healthcare facility, consider us here at GTI. We will handle all support needs for a flat-rate fee, so you can focus on business. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Your organization is as unique as the challenges it faces. As you know, overseeing entire operations can be time-consuming, and of course, extremely costly. To determine the right solutions for your business, our consultants analyze current infrastructure and create a custom plan of action. We provide businesses with the benefits of a traditional in-house IT department without the expensive overhead. So, as business grows, or as needs change, we take care of it all.

Do you offer Co-IT Service?

Co-Managed Services have become very popular with small businesses, healthcare providers, and large corporations alike. This option offers the appeal of extending staff, without having to maintain a full-blown in-house tech team. In addition, significant resources are at your disposal to assist with consulting as needed.

If you prefer to maintain most of the control over systems but lack the personnel and equipment to do it all, a co-solution may just be the ideal option to implement. The real beauty of this option is that all applications are customizable. For instance, an external provider might supply the servers and hosting, while internal staff may provide help for desktops and end-users.

Some of the more advanced processes, such as high-availability solutions, business intelligence development, performance analysis and replication, can all be overseen by GTI. All this is handled, while employees take care of the day-to-day issues.

Managed IT Services for SMB and Healthcare

Next Level Managed IT Services

Keep your business running at maximum force with a local IT service provider delivering break-fix and endpoint technology.

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