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Ready to discuss cloud computing services for your Orange County business? The way data is stored, saved, and accessed has changed the way we all operate. GTI is on standby to help streamline technologies, applications, and work flow. Online platforms provide the flexibility of accessing files and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive or internal server device. These resources include tools and applications like storage, servers, databases, security, software and much more. So whether you are interested in public, private, or hybrid, GTI can build the right managed solution for your organization.

First, we will assess your current IT infrastructure. Then, we identify areas of opportunity and vulnerabilities. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we create a customized plan of action that aligns with your business needs. The ultimate goal is to essentially create a virtual office that helps boost productivity and increase performance.

Cloud Computing Services Orange County, CA
cloud computing services

Scalable Cloud Computing Services

Since our solutions are fully scalable, you will never have to worry about an IT cost you cannot cover. As a result, you can ditch that slow, outdated server in the office that never seems to work correctly. In addition, with no extra staff needed, and no initial investment required, you can direct your cash to more critical, business growth prospects, and leave the digital stuff to us!

By the way, did we mention that these online solutions are safe? Because of this, they have become the direction most businesses are turning to for a reduced total cost of ownership. Not only will a digital platform save you time and money, but it also increases reliability and scalability. Most importantly, it allows you to have the flexibility of managing your business anywhere, anytime, provided you have access to the web. Who would not want all of these great benefits?

Business Solutions for Employee Flexibility

Our support team brings the best digital solutions specific to your business, and, as a result, your critical information will never be sacrificed. There are three types of cloud computing service options you can choose from (we can always help decide the best option for you as well).

1. Public is the most common approach to deploying digital solutions. Resources such as servers, storage and networks are owned and operated by a third-party CSP and delivered over the internet. Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 are great examples of public platforms.

2. Private offers hosting and computing resources over the Internet or a private internal network. This option is only available to selected users, instead of the general public. This can sometimes be referred to as an ‘internal’ or ‘corporate cloud.’

3. Hybrid combines both Public and Private, along with on-premise infrastructure, to ensure your organization reaps the full benefits. This option enables you to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

No matter which route you choose, you can be sure that GTI can help convert your systems to a fully digital workspace. These types of platforms have really paved the way and emerged as a driving force for businesses. Among many other beneficial features these choices offer, they also increase productivity and lower costs all around. Most importantly, it continues to change business models, facilitating a more innovative and dynamic way of working.

Cloud Computing Services

Next Level Cloud Computing Services for Orange County Businesses

In short, we can take you into the 21st Century. Get in touch today to see how a virtual workspace can benefit your organization!

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