Staffing Risks for 2022

As we all move into the new year, it will be important to understand what staffing challenges you could be facing with your business. There are so many new dynamics in the workplace due to COVID-19, it’s inevitable that at least one of these issues listed below will apply to you.

The Great Resignation Will Continue

The talent pool has been shrinking for some time, but recent events inevitably accelerated the process. And in some cases, this has caught many businesses off guard. A recent survey from Korn Ferry shows 55% of companies believe staff turnover will increase next year and, somewhat shockingly, 31% say they would leave their current employers even if they didn’t have another job offer on the table. So, keep previously qualified resumes on hand just in case you need to increase your available talent pool when a position opens up, also there are many jobs where the skills are so in-demand that employers have a hard time finding proper skilled employees.

Birth of the Career Nomad

The remote revolution is now officially underway. And people have realized that work can be done just about anywhere. And they like it. A recent Korn Ferry survey found that 32% of Americans say they don’t have plans to ever go back to the office full-time. And in addition to careerists being on the move, older generations of workers are retiring early. So, keep an open mind and be flexible about remote work post-pandemic. It could be crucial to keeping your people happy.

Connecting is Challenging

The transition from in-person conversations to Zoom calls (“Steve, you’re on mute”), has taken a bit of a toll on how we connect as humans in the workplace. It’s important to do what you can to re-establish connections between your people. In 2022, leaders will want to create more chances for deeper relationships within their business culture. Instilling an environment that nurtures listening and inspiration will go a long way next year.

The beginning of every new year feels like an opportunity to do better, and so keeping these staffing risks in mind for 2022 will help make sure you’re not caught off-guard by cyber threats or any unexpected.

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