LinkedIn Learning Leadership Classes to Take Right Now

LinkedIn Learning is a paid platform that offers users access to over 16,000 classes anytime, anywhere. The courses span a variety of categories across business, creative, and technology to help anyone learn new in-demand skills. For leaders, it is an invaluable resource to develop key leadership skills. Below, we’ve outlined the top leadership classes you can get started on today.

  1. One-Minute Habits for Success: This course helps you develop a mindset of success by showing you how to improve your confidence and mentally prepare yourself to thrive under pressure. Success comes from habits, and habits can be formed with simple exercises. This course will help you reset your habits and create a tailored routine to help set you up for success.
  2. Communicating with Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence is oftentimes the number one trait businesses look for in potential future leaders, and it can help you succeed at any stage of your career. This class defines what emotional intelligence means and how to improve your communication and conversations at work to demonstrate more empathy in other’s perspectives.
  3. How to Handle Poor Performers: No boss wants to have to oversee poor-performing team members. In this course, you will learn how to tackle the tough conversations and hard decisions that come with responding to poor performers.
  4. Recruiting Diverse Talent: Workplace diversity if a top priority for hiring at all size organizations. This course creates a guide to help you develop a diverse hiring strategy, increase your candidate pool, and remove bias from your interview process.
  5. Practical Skills: This course offers practical leadership skills you can use every day. It provides leaders of all levels an introduction to the basic leadership skills everyone needs to know to lead their teams to success.
  6. Essential Lessons for First-Time Managers: Being a first-timer can be intimidating, and there is a lot of information out there. This course breaks down everything first-timers need to know including essential lessons, responsibilities, and communication tips.
  7. Time Management: Leading people involves a lot of time and complexity, so proper timing is key. This course dives into how to remain productive while overseeing an entire team.

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