How to Prepare for Threats in 2022

Cybersecurity should be taken seriously because it has the potential to cripple any organization if you’re not properly prepared. As a business owner, you should seriously consider business protection as one of the top concerns of your organization.

There is a long list of potential compromises including:

Here are six support tips to help you prepare:

  1. Meet about it. Set up a regular monthly management meeting among the key players in your organization to discuss any and all security-related issues. Have a designated team leader who keeps up on the latest trends and news around potential hacks.
  2. Have a policy. Create and distribute a written defense policy that is easily understood and enforced by all employees. There are several templates that are easy to find with a Google search.
  3. Communicate. Establish clear lines of communication between your IT department and the rest of the organization. Make sure everyone from the top, down to your marketing department, understands the risks involved and the steps your organization is taking to minimize risks.
  4. Hire it out. Consider having a third party conduct an audit of your organization every other year. This will give you an objective outside view of the state of your protection and allow you to see areas where you need to improve.
  5. Train employees. Make sure that your employees are following password best practices. Digital password organizers like 1Password can generate randomized logins, making it easier to share across teams, check our article on How to Stop Employees From Taking the Bait
  6. Use a Firewall. It might seem like a dose of conventional wisdom, but it’s not uncommon for less-savvy businesses to have not taken the very first step of installing firewall software. There are many quality products on the market to choose from, so getting started is easy.
  7. Zero Trust, use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), and implement the zero trust policy for all users and devices.

The scope, variety, and creativity of online attacks are ever-increasing, with different types of maliciousness for every nefarious purpose. While security prevention measures differ for each type of attack, good safety measures and general IT smarts are good at mitigating the worst-case scenario.

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