Gartner Report: Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes

Organizations are migrating to the cloud at a faster rate than ever; however, there are several mistakes businesses are making while developing their digital strategies. Based on a survey conducted in May 2020, these are the top mistakes to avoid.

  • Assuming Cloud is an IT-Only Strategy: One of the most common mistakes organizations make is assuming that their digital strategy only involves their technical support teams. Instead, building a digital strategy involves multiple departments across HR, Legal, Finance, and Internal Communications.
  • Not Having an Exit Strategy: Your organization should have a strategy for transitioning offline should you need it. While migrating an application back to a traditional data center is rare, your business should have the strategy in place if needed.
  • Not Having an Implementation Plan: Your business needs a digital implementation plan, we well as a digital strategy. The implementation includes adoption, migration, and project management.
  • Thinking It’s Too Late to Migrate: It is not too late to migrate everything online. In fact, the majority of businesses have implemented their new strategies within the past two years.
  • Moving Everything Online at Once: Not everything in your organization needs to be move online at the same time, or in some cases, even at all. There should be a tiered migration plan taking into account compliance protocols for some information or applications that need to remain traditionally on-premise.
  • Executive Mandate: Do not migrate to a digital platform with just a mandate from the CEO or CTO. Your strategy should include target outcomes and business objectives.
  • Having a Single-Vendor Strategy: Different vendors specialize in different solutions, so one vendor may not be a one size fits all partner.

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